All Journey Groups are virtual/online until further notice due to Covid-19.

Journey Groups

thursday Groups

The Pritchard Group

Bill and Connie Pritchard | 7:00pm

“The Pritchard group is a multi-generational group with ages ranging from late twenties to early 60’s.
We are a group who support, encourage, and prays for each other as we seek to learn more about
and grow to be a faithful follower of Jesus.
We also seek to serve those outside our group to show God’s love to others."

The Barrett Group

Reagan Barrett | 6:30pm

“We are twenty-somethings who love food,
friendship, and studying God’s Word in interactive
ways! We often meet in the community at
restaurants or coffee shops.”

The Mayfield Group

Tim & Dawn Mayfield | 6:30pm

“We are a multi-generational group with ages ranging from mid-twenties to mid-fifties. Our group navigates through the Christian walk together by sharing life’s struggles, searching the Word of God, and praying for one another. We challenge and encourage one another to become the individuals Christ intended each one of us to be."

sunday Groups

The Laxton Group

Bryce & Caitlin Laxton | 5:00pm

"We are adults ranging from 25 to 35 who have
a desire to connect relationally and grow
spiritually. Come join us for food, fellowship,
and God’s Word!”

The Hardy Group

Woody & Donna Hardy | 5:30pm

“The Hardy group consists of adults in their 50’s to 70’s.
We are a group that looks to care for each other’s needs, hurts, and joys. We claim Philippians 2:1-4 as our group scripture. Our Bible studies range from topical to reading verse by verse. Prayer is also an important part of our group. We welcome all who are searching for answers to questions they have about who Jesus is.

The Taylor Group

Wil & Amanda Taylor | 6:30pm

“Our journey group consists of college age students as well as adults in their 20’s. Our group serves together, as well as pushes one another to pursue Christ through whatever life throws our way. We strive to keep each other accountable as well as encourage and uplift one another. Our typical group night consists of hang time, worship, biblical based study, and prayer.”

group for teens

Catalyst Youth Group

Youth Pastor Isaac Caraballo | Sundays 4:00 - 6:00pm

“Our group consists of youth grades 6th to 12th.
This Journey group seeks to form authentic connections to help grow in relationship with others and with Christ.”

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